The roots of Ruthie Schlabach's family tree run deep in American soil - so deep, in fact, that her roots include ancestors who signed the Mayflower Compact and the Declaration of Independence, and who served in the Revolutionary War to the war in Afghanistan.

A Florida native, she is the eighth of nine children. Her father Ned was a decorated WWII pilot in the Army Air Corps and a commercial airline pilot. Ruthie and her little sister leaned on their mother Peggy, a registered nurse, for guidance and support after their father's passing.

Married 27 years, Ruthie and Jarey Schlabach first met in the 7th grade at Sarasota Christian School. Ruthie and Jarey have twin daughters Catherine and Julia who were born in Citrus County. The girls are 2018 graduates of Lecanto High School.

The Schlabachs have been active business and community leaders in Citrus County since 1995. In addition to her volunteer leadership in public schools, Ruthie has served on the Board for Citrus County Code Enforcement.